It’s the Beginning of a New Age

A RegisDominion helicopter was circling above the building again last night, blasting the Gospel Metal hit “Come, Come, Oh Come to Me, Lord” by The New Blink 182 from an array of loudspeakers attached to its fog-gray belly. The pilot had patched his coms into the playback and was singing along with great enthusiasm.

I knew the voice. Jeemy Pearsall, my meth connect in high school. Jeemy Pearsall, son of Malathion Pearsall, disgraced golfer and Commerce Personality. Jeemy Pearsall, brother of Properdy Pearsall, PhD, currently junior faculty at the F. Mercury Influencering Institute at ‘SC. Prop and Jeemy were cleaved from the side of Malathion during seasons 3 and 4 (respectively) of the reality show America Loves Parthenogenesis, and so technically have no mother, though a couple of Malathion’s Comfort Women™ had, over the years,  provided occasional sparks of maternal resentment which the two siblings each remembered, if not cherished, in their own way.

Anyway, that was Jeemy in the chopper last night, no mistake.

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Mark :DJT